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Matty Staudt has been in the radio industry since he was just 16 years old. In addition to Matty’s status as co-founder of, Matty is a professor at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He is the former Executive Producer of several popular shows in NYC, DC, and in SF on the “Sarah and No Name Morning Show”. His six – year tenure ended there, and he teamed up with one of his best friends and former co-worker Marcus Osborne to form

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Matty explains

“Hey Matty… Why Don’t You Have Kids?” This is a topic I have been wanting to talk about for some time, but haven’t known how to put it in words.  For the last week, my wife and I spent the time with some of our best friends and their wonderful children at summer camp...
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Featured: On the show Top 100 Sex, Love, and Dating tips

In this article by it is the top 100 Tips for some of the obstacles you may have to over come in life. 1 The Good Men Project The Good Men Project is proof that yes, good guys do exist! Lauded as a “cerebral, new media alternative,” The Good Men Project provides a...
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Marriage Meetings

I have been with my wife for over 10 years. We have an amazing relationship that is full of love and understanding. We rarely argue, never fight, and are genuinely each other’s best friends. The one thing that we have recently realized though, is that we don’t really communicate everything that is on...
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What DO We Have In Common? And Does It Matter?

Whenever anyone starts a relationship or meets someone, the first thing people want to know is, “what do you have in common?” On the surface this seems like a good question and one that warrants serious thought. The more I think about it and think about my wife and I, it seems to...
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Love The Game, Love The Man

Why Men Are Like Baseball This is one of my favorite times of year…. Spring Training for Major League Baseball. In a few short weeks I will be able to go down the street to the Oakland Coliseum to watch my beloved A’s. I also enjoy the fact that although my wife is...
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