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In Defense Of Valentine’s Day

In Defense Of Valentine’s Day

I can’t be the only person who is sick and tired of people hating on Valentine’s Day. I love Valentine’s Day! Even when I was alone on the holiday, I found ways to enjoy the day and go out and meet other singles. Now that I am married, I love the tradition of sending my wife tulips and cooking her dinner. I am here today to take on these haters and make some suggestions for improving your Valentine’s Day attitude.


Things the haters will say:

“Valentine’s Day is SO commercial, it’s just a day for the card people and candy makers to make money.”

It is commercial….. and what’s the problem with that? Card people, candy people, florists, and restaurants all need a boost once in awhile too. PLUS you don’t have to go out and buy this stuff. You can still love this “commercial” holiday and not break the bank.  I cook a nice dinner for my wife instead of going out. I do buy her flowers, but stick to local florists to help the economy. By the way, can you tell me one holiday that is NOT commercial these days?


“I don’t like celebrating Valentine’s Day, even if I am with somebody. They can, but I won’t.”

Bitter, party of one?? I have never heard this uttered by someone who has had good times on Valentine’s Day. It is usually someone who is single or has been single a long time. They also usually are the same people who secretly want their boyfriend to surprise them with flowers.  Oh, and speaking of surprises, if you constantly say how you don’t want any fuss on Valentine’s Day, don’t be surprised when you do in fact, get nothing.


“Valentine’s Day is only for couples.”

Are you kidding me? I hooked up more on Valentine’s Day when I was single than most other days of the year. There are a lot of singles who still like to go out on the big night and will find other singles to meet up with.


So instead of hating on the day, I suggest you do one of the following things to make it more fun for yourself:

  • Don’t say you don’t want anything on V-Day if you really do. Guys will go with what you tell us. You shouldn’t have to ask for flowers or a card, but don’t tell  us not get you anything and then be bummed when you don’t get flowers.
  • Get over your past Valentine’s Days. Nobody cares if you were alone for the last five or if your boyfriend dumped you last year. Treat every year with the same positive outlook you would for New Years.
  • Make traditions that you love with your loved one. If you don’t like to go out on Valentine’s Day, plan a fun meal at home you will both love. If you don’t like flowers or cards, send an intimate email or note. Nobody is forcing you to buy a big card, chocolates, and flowers. (By the way, we guys like to have flowers delivered to us at work too!!)
  • If you are single, GO OUT! There are plenty of activities for you to embrace on V-Day night.  Go out, let your hair down, you might meet your very own Valentine.


Bottom line. Don’t hate on Valentine’s Day to those of us who truly enjoy it. Your happiness is your problem and those of us who love the day are tired of the complainers.

~ Matty Staudt


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Matty Staudt has been in the radio industry since he was just 16 years old. In addition to Matty’s status as co-founder of, Matty is a professor at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He is the former Executive Producer of several popular shows in NYC, DC, and in SF on the “Sarah and No Name Morning Show”. His six – year tenure ended there, and he teamed up with one of his best friends and former co-worker Marcus Osborne to form

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  1. Tova Rasmussen says:

    Like Matty said, so what if it's commercial? There are so many ways to enjoy the day with loved ones…. ALL loved ones. Parents, kids, friends…

  2. Stop the V-Day Hate! It ain't so bad…

  3. Matty Staudt says:

    Stop the hate! Words of wisdom from Matty.

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