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Five Questions With Paul Mecurio

Five Questions with PAUL MECURIO


1) What’s the worst thing you have done or said to break up with a woman?


My grandmother is epileptic and sick and has to live with us so I don’t have time to date right now because I have to help take care of her. this becasme a problem because the girl lived in my neighborhood and know my parents and she would always ask my parents about grandma and how she was feeling and my parents were confused because my grandmother was dead.


2) What’s the best advice you could give a young woman about dating?


Avoid being too needy. Men want to be there for you but we have a life too. We have careers, relationships with our friends, football to watch, call of duty to play and porn to debate–we have a full plate.


3) If there was one trait you could erase from all women, what would it be?


Texting about a serious issue in a relationship. You can never convey what you feel effectively in a text, they end up being misinterpreted and it leads to an argument. And NEVER text when you’re angry–it leads to a huge fight. It’s always better to talk … wait!  What am I saying — talk?  No don’t talk, that’s worse, “feelings, love, do you care about me,” ugh — on second thought–texting is fine. LOL.


4) Finish this line..”I like women who—-“


Cook bacon in the nude.  It’s fun to see them dance as they avoid being splattered by the flying grease.


5) What advice would younger Paul give older Paul about relationships?


Crush up the roofy first, it works faster that way.  And don’t ask girls on a first date if they like to indian leg wrestle. Save that for the second date.



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