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Do You Generally Become More Or Less Attracted To Your Partner As you Become More At Ease And Familiar With Them?

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  1. Your thoughts? More or less attracted as you get to know each other?

  2. Tova Rasmussen says:

    If it's the right person, then it's absolutely MORE. The familiarity doesn't (shouldn't) take away from the attraction – it should enhance it. Because you are getting to know this person on a deeper level and have that comfort that they know you, you are creating a bond that continues to strengthen. It creates a pattern of falling in love over & over again. – NOW, if it's not the right person, then yes, as you learn more and those characteristics are NOT what you want, then I could see it as a means to falling OUT OF LOVE as time goes on.

  3. Much more! Its so much fun fully discovering your partner :)

  4. Matty Staudt says:

    I gotta saw, much more. She get's hotter, I get fatter!

  5. Lynette Robinson says:

    More attractive. If they're someone you don't want to be in a relationship with, it will end fairly quickly. Over time, with someone you care about & are compatible with, they get more & more attractive. That's how it works for me, anyway.

  6. When I am relaxed and able to be myself the attraction level can set fires and that kind of comfort level only comes with time and trust.

  7. Kira Chatterton says:


  8. Mike Russel says:

    I used to find myself always in the place where relationships turned to friendships. It was my fault, I was trying too hard. I really think men need to learn how to be more self-confident and take some risks when it comes to having fun. Being spontaneous for programmers (smile) can be difficult but we try.

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