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More Holiday Questions Answered!

As I told you in my last amazing article, we get a lot of the same questions during the holiday season. If you missed my last article, go check out the archives. Here are some more of my favorites and my answers. Enjoy!

Is it ok to ask a guy out for New Years?

Absolutely. I know in general it’s hard and considered by some, inappropriate for a women to ask a man out. But that’s one of the those dumb rules we are trying to convince you must be broken. Men do not, I repeat do not, mind being asked out. In fact we love it! That being said, it’s even harder ask a guy out for New Years Eve. I say go for it, but don’t take it personally if he turns you down because he has other plans. I know that when I was single I preferred to not have a date on New Years Eve. Believe it or not, New Year’s Eve can be a great time to hook up with someone new. So go ahead and ask him, but ask yourself if you are doing it just to have a date. If you are, go single and have a great time!

I cannot stand my boyfriend/husband’s family. How should I handle them this holiday season?

Everyone has some problems with their significant other’s family. Ok, not everyone, but lots of people do. I have found that the best bet is to try to limit the time you have to spend with them, but do not limit the time your guy spends with them. His family will always be special to him, and you don’t want to be the person that comes in between that. Let him know you would like to see them, but you’d prefer not to spend the whole time with them. Most importantly, if you don’t like his mother, keep it to yourself. Our Moms will always be number one, no matter how awful they seem to you.

What is one thing all guys want for Christmas?


My boyfriend/husband and I have totally different holiday traditions. He opens presents Christmas Eve, I open presents Christmas Morning. He likes colored lights, I light white lights….etc.  How do we get through the holiday without killing each other?

My wife and I went through this our first holiday. Especially the Christmas Eve thing. My family always did presents after midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Her family always opened them on Christmas Day. We talked it over and came to an agreement. We open one present on Christmas Eve from each other and all the presents from family on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas morning. We also disagreed on decorations. The funny thing is now we totally agree on all the decorations. Just being together over the years our tastes have miraculously melded into one. Give it some time and compromise. I think it’s good advice all year long.

There you go, all your holiday questions answered! If I missed yours, then email me, and listen to the podcast right here at


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