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Your Holiday Questions Answered…Part 1

Your Holiday Questions Answered ~ Part 1

Every year we receive your emails with questions pertaining to the holidays. I would say in the 4 years we have been doing this there are certain questions that we receive multiple times and in various ways. Today I bring you some of these questions and the answers.

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Is it ok to take a person I have recently started dating to my holiday party?

I think it is fine as long as you know a couple things. Make sure he is someone who won’t embarrass you in front of your coworkers. A date who acts poorly is a negative reflection on you and becomes office gossip fodder for the rest of the year. It can even cost you your job in extreme cases. Also make sure you are taking them because you want them to be there, not because you just don’t want to have to show up alone.  Being alone and happy is much better than being stuck at a great party with someone you need to entertain.


How long should I be dating a person before I take them to a family holiday affair?

I never think you should put a time on how long to wait on anything. That is just another one of those rules we are constantly preaching that you must unlearn. I do not think you should bring someone you are not exclusive with or are not serious about. Meeting the family can be stressful for a guy, especially if he is not in the same place in the relationship that you are. Make sure you’re in the same place or just ask him if he would be comfortable meeting your family.


How do I give him the hint I expect a ring this Christmas?

DON’T!!! It pains me to be asked that every year. If the man is ready to propose it won’t matter if it’s December 25th or July 25th.  Don’t expect the holidays to be an automatic engagement time. I’ve seen it pushed on guys and it never turns out the way the woman was expecting.


My man is a bad gift giver, how do I let him know what to get me and what not to get me?

Ladies, we are clueless when it comes to gift buying. We certainly don’t dare to attempt to buy clothes for fear they are going to be the wrong size or style. We also, unfortunately, don’t pay attention to hints that you give the way you think we should. My wife simply leaves me catalogs with things earmarked she wants. We also go to an outlet center and put stuff on hold that we like, and then go to the other one’s stores and buy what we like. I also carry my wife’s sizes in my wallet for when I see something I think she will like or has wanted. Being up front is the best way to make sure nobody is let down on Christmas day and it is the season for giving!


Alright ladies there is the first round of holiday questions. I will be doing another round next week, so send your questions to Marcus or Matty. and

We love to help make your holidays happy and relationship stress free!

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