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Does Your Relationship Still Rock?

For those of you about to rock your husband’s world, I salute you! No, I am not being nostalgic for AC/DC, but nostalgic for getting my world rocked and rocking my wife’s world. That bed breaking, hair pulling, wake up the neighbors rock! Do you remember, back in time, not so long ago when all you wanted to do was rock each others worlds? Sex, indeed your relationship in general, you wanted to attack like a bunker full of Nazis? (sorry about that, too much History Channel.

I thought about it today and it made me realize that not only has my wife started to wave the white flag, but so have I. I can’t remember the last time I gave her that look or she gave me the look. You know “the look!” The look that says…”Hold on tight, you’re about to get rocked!” It’s a great look to give and great look to receive! Again, let me say it. I don’t mean just rock in the bed, but rock in general. Planning a totally indulgent dinner, getting a motel for a weekend, or just taking the car out and making out in some secluded place that may or may not be totally safe.  YEAH, making out. You remember that. I’m saying bring it back.

I guess the word I’m looking for is passion. I think passion is something that you are so full of in youth and something we just loose as we get older. Passion for our jobs, sex, having a good time.  Passion won’t sustain a relationship, but if it leaves it, you are in serious trouble.  I think it’s something we have to remind ourselves of and pull out of the closet from time to time.  I think most of the failed relationships I have seen are do to a loss of passion. It’s not an easy thing to bring back, but it’s got to be done!Bottom line is, I think it’s time both men and women, dust off the AC/DC, put on our boots, and rock our mates til the sun come sup (or Walking Dead comes on).  If your husband has lost his passion, kick it back into his ass. He might surprise you.

Ladies..”For those about to rock, FIRE, WE SALUTE YOU!!”


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Matty Staudt has been in the radio industry since he was just 16 years old. In addition to Matty’s status as co-founder of, Matty is a professor at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He is the former Executive Producer of several popular shows in NYC, DC, and in SF on the “Sarah and No Name Morning Show”. His six – year tenure ended there, and he teamed up with one of his best friends and former co-worker Marcus Osborne to form

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